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You can withdraw your earnings as soon as your account reaches Rs.300/-. You will receive your Payments every day by Bank Transfer, UPI, GooglePay or Paytm, you can choose your preferred payment method to receive your payments.

Below are some of our recent Payouts,
NameCityMobileAmountPayment MethodPay Date
Aadil Rohtak 80XXXXXX87 Rs.3,796.00 Paytm 27-08-2023
aakash suresh gupta kalyan 72XXXXXX04 Rs.18,860.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
Akshay Kolar 85XXXXXX24 Rs.13,962.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
aman deep sharma una 78XXXXXX20 Rs.15,452.00 Paytm 27-08-2023
AMAR KUMAR BHAGALPUR 82XXXXXX29 Rs.19,572.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
Atul Mahadeon Bangalore 97XXXXXX05 Rs.15,976.00 Cheque 27-08-2023
bhagchand jat jaipur 99XXXXXX06 Rs.16,863.00 Paytm 27-08-2023
bharat kumar banka 76XXXXXX97 Rs.17,890.00 Money Order 27-08-2023
Chhavi pal Ballabgarh 95XXXXXX24 Rs.6,513.00 Paytm 27-08-2023
Deepanjali thakur Kota 94XXXXXX15 Rs.12,858.00 Paytm 27-08-2023
Deepika rohini 99XXXXXX16 Rs.13,014.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
durgam shanthiswarup kagaznagar 80XXXXXX33 Rs.18,474.00 Paytm 27-08-2023
Gurjit kaur Jalandhar 90XXXXXX43 Rs.15,713.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
J . Anbuthamilarasi kovilpatti 95XXXXXX06 Rs.18,991.00 Cheque 27-08-2023
J PRAVEEN KUMAR Eluru 93XXXXXX22 Rs.8,407.00 Paytm 27-08-2023
jahnavi sethi amritsar 85XXXXXX75 Rs.7,739.00 Cheque 27-08-2023
jongpongchiten mokokchung 96XXXXXX53 Rs.9,751.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
Kareliya payal Thane 75XXXXXX54 Rs.9,278.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
kavinilavu Trichy 94XXXXXX43 Rs.4,505.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
kumpatla satheesh GURAZALA 97XXXXXX58 Rs.14,754.00 Cheque 27-08-2023
Lakshmipriya. p.a Ernakulam 99XXXXXX10 Rs.3,172.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
MANOJ KUMAR ROUT BHADRAK 94XXXXXX42 Rs.5,204.00 Cheque 27-08-2023
Meenu Singh Jaipur 78XXXXXX61 Rs.9,594.00 Cheque 27-08-2023
Megha Garg Zirakhpur 75XXXXXX51 Rs.4,122.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
Mohd Uvais qureshi SHAMLI 74XXXXXX61 Rs.15,564.00 Money Order 27-08-2023
muhammed noushad u edavannappara 99XXXXXX76 Rs.12,629.00 Paytm 27-08-2023
mukesh kumhar bhilwara 89XXXXXX65 Rs.12,902.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
neha rawat new delhi 95XXXXXX40 Rs.17,069.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
prabhat kumar farrukhabad 94XXXXXX57 Rs.7,749.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
prakash sagathiya babra 97XXXXXX93 Rs.19,651.00 Paytm 27-08-2023
Prashant Morandani ahmedabad 90XXXXXX05 Rs.6,221.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
PRIYANKA SAIKIA golaghat 95XXXXXX73 Rs.11,273.00 Money Order 27-08-2023
RAJ KUMAR CHATURVEDI FARIDABAD 75XXXXXX84 Rs.12,581.00 Money Order 27-08-2023
Rajubhai Rathva B chhotaudepur 72XXXXXX95 Rs.8,385.00 Cheque 27-08-2023
Ramya Pai Kasturi Mangalore 97XXXXXX98 Rs.16,049.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
Rasheeq ahmad sherkot 99XXXXXX97 Rs.19,474.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
Raveesh VIJAYAWADA 77XXXXXX87 Rs.18,179.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
rishabh shukla Surat 96XXXXXX23 Rs.9,708.00 Money Order 27-08-2023
SANTOSSH KUMAR JAISWAL KUSHINAGAR 73XXXXXX38 Rs.9,344.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
Sellathurai Sivagangai 90XXXXXX31 Rs.18,197.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
Shagufta Kamran New Delhi 97XXXXXX42 Rs.5,718.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
Shahid riyaz qadri Srinagar 90XXXXXX41 Rs.9,549.00 Paytm 27-08-2023
shikhabatta panchkula 97XXXXXX30 Rs.14,316.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
siddaraju naik m ramanagara 96XXXXXX11 Rs.4,320.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
Smita pal Pune 97XXXXXX99 Rs.11,569.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
sneha ranjith ERNAKULAM 98XXXXXX66 Rs.10,014.00 Cheque 27-08-2023
SUBASH CHANDRA MAJHI Tikiri 97XXXXXX82 Rs.2,421.00 Cheque 27-08-2023
Surendra Singh Delhi 95XXXXXX55 Rs.17,171.00 Cheque 27-08-2023
talat adnan nagpur 72XXXXXX54 Rs.18,631.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023
Veena Venkatachar Bangaluru 98XXXXXX82 Rs.3,647.00 Bank Transfer 27-08-2023

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